sugar addicts

sugar addicts - The number of on the market are self-confessed sugar addicts? The sweet taste of sugar is incomparable and the stimulating buzz that individuals get is addictive. Sugar boosts dopamine and opioid levels inside the brain which can cause us to crave it if it is a huge part in our diet. The sugar crash that frequently follows causes our blood sugar levels to decrease and will cause fatigue, lethargy or irritation. As an ingredient in so many of our comfort foods, we often eat a lot of for our own good (in a few countries, the average joe consumes over 150 pounds of sugar per year). The medial side results of an excessive amount of sugar include:

Restlessness. Our levels of insulin rise quickly once we eat sugar but what increases quickly also falls quickly, resulting in sugar-inducing ups and downs.

Gum and teeth issues. Sugar makes your saliva's PH levels very acidic which is a great environment for bacterial growth.

Calcium loss. Your bones become weaker since the calcium levels within your bones are reduced when you eat sugar.

Weight gain. As though bad teeth and weak bones weren't enough, sugar is really high in empty calories that the diet full of sugar inevitably leads to putting on weight.

For those who have a sweet tooth, you can still find many sweet substitutes that may negate many of the unwanted effects of sugar. Many fruits are sweet , nor spike your levels of insulin just as much. They also contain a a lot of extra minerals and vitamins that aren't present in sugar. If you're a big chocolate eater, switch to darker chocolates which contain lower levels of sugar and plenty of antioxidants.

sugar addicts - You don't have to decline to any or all your sugar cravings and may still enjoy your sweet snacks moderately. Leading a well-balanced, healthy life could mean you don't deny yourself the great things, even though you are looking at sugar!

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